Call for Valve to Introduce Default Female Skins in CS2 for Astralis Women’s Team

By Arjun Nair 67 Views

Astralis Female CS2 Team Requests Default Female Agents from Valve

The members of the Astralis female CS2 team have expressed their concerns to Valve, the developer of Counter-Strike 2, through a shared open letter. They believe that the absence of default female agents in the game creates an unfair and unwelcoming environment that perpetuates sexism faced by female players.

Pushing for Gender Equality in Counter-Strike 2

Prior to the public letter, the players had sent a private message to Valve in January with a similar request. They urged the inclusion of an equal number of default free female agents as male agents in Counter-Strike 2. Their argument was that the presence of more female characters would encourage more women to play the game.

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