Comparing League of Legends Red Side and Blue Side

League of Legends is a game where two sides battle each other until one destroys the opposing side’s nexus. In my opinion, it all comes down to personal preference, which I have developed after playing the game for almost a decade.

As a top lane main, I prefer playing on the blue side of the map. This side allows me to avoid being flanked and caught off guard by junglers, giving me a better experience. But, as I mentioned, it all depends on personal preference.

The League of Legends map is mirrored, meaning that both sides have the same layout but are flipped. This is evident when you observe the tri brush in the top and bottom lanes. While playing on the top lane benefits me due to the tri brush flanking advantage, the same cannot be said for my teammates in the bot lane. They might be vulnerable to ganks because of the mirrored map and the presence of the tri brush on their side.

What Champions To Pick Depending On Which Side Of The Map You’re On

As mentioned earlier, being a top laner on the blue side has its advantages. Playing with a jungler as a top laner benefits me greatly on this side. When your team is playing on the blue side and picks first, it’s best to choose champions that complement the top lane and jungle combo team comps to maximize your positioning advantage.

On the red side of the map, it is better to focus on carries in the bot lane and mid lane for your team comp. This is because securing permanent buffs from dragons is easier if your carries are in the bot side of the map.

Reasons Why Blue Side Wins More Games Than Teams On The Red Side Of The Map

  • Pick orders: When you are on the blue side of the map and get to pick first, it can give you an advantage if you know how to play your opponents.
  • Objective locations: Being on the blue side gives your team a better view of the top side objectives, such as Baron. Having easy access and good vision on this objective can greatly influence the outcome of the game.
  • Ganking flank locations: The layout of the map on the blue side provides protection against flanks from the opposing team. The camera angle also plays a significant role in this factor.


While the map is mirrored, there are still factors to consider when deciding which side is better. Camera angles and objective locations can impact gameplay. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and understanding these factors can enhance your gaming experience.

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