Comparing Death’s Dance and Bloodthirster: Which One Prevails?

If you’re playing as an AD champion, dealing physical damage is crucial. However, there are times when you underperform in teamfights and find yourself low on health, especially if you’re an ADC.

So, what should you do next? You have two options: either go back to base and reset the play or stay in the jungle or closest lane and “lifesteal” your health back. The Bloodthirster and Death’s Dance are two items that can help you with this, but which one should you choose? In this guide, we’ll compare both items and give you insights into their nature.

Death’s Dance

Death’s Dance is an item that stores and deals damage received by your champion. It stores 30% and 10% of post-mitigation damage, including shields, as damage over time true damage. It also heals you for a +175% bonus when a champion dies within 3 seconds of damage. Additionally, it provides 55 AD, 45 Armor, and 15% Ability Haste, making you more durable and allowing you to cast abilities quickly. This item is mainly used by bruisers and assassins. It costs 3300 gold.


Bloodthirster is an item favored by ADCs. It provides 55 AD, 20% critical chance, and 18% lifesteal. When your champion is at full health, the lifesteal converts to a shield that can absorb damage. However, this shield needs to be maintained in the next 25 seconds. ADCs use this item to build up the shield before teamfights and restore their health by farming. It costs 3400 gold.

Overall Comparison and In-Game Impact

These items have some differences. Death’s Dance is better for champions who rely on their abilities for damage, while Bloodthirster is used by champions who heavily rely on attack speed and auto-attacks. Melee champions benefit more from the bleed passive of Death’s Dance, while ADCs benefit more from the healing of Bloodthirster. In teamfights, Bloodthirster’s shield provides an additional 350 HP, making it more impactful. In late game, Death’s Dance offers enhanced Ability Haste, while Bloodthirster provides more lifesteal. Both items are widely used depending on the champion type.

Prize Comparison

The price difference between these items is not significant. Death’s Dance is 100 gold cheaper, but it’s built by bruisers and assassins, while Bloodthirster is a common first item for ADCs. The nerfs on Death’s Dance made ADCs prioritize Bloodthirster first, but both items are still utilized by different champions.


Both Death’s Dance and Bloodthirster are valuable items to include in your build. Your choice should depend on your champion type and the situation you’re in. If you’re a bruiser or assassin, Death’s Dance can make you more durable in teamfights. If you’re an ADC looking for safety and sustain, Bloodthirster’s lifesteal and shield are the better choice. Proper positioning and utilization of these items can lead to a successful game.

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