Can Jungle Be Done Effectively Without Smite?

Jungling without Smite is not effective. Your clear speed will be much slower and you won’t get as much experience. It’s not worth it to jungle without Smite.

If you still have doubts, we’ll explain why you need Smite as a jungler. Let’s find out if it’s possible to jungle effectively without Smite.

Slow Jungling Speed

Jungling without Smite means slower clear speed. You won’t have the extra damage from Smite to help you clear camps. You’ll have to manually deplete their HP without any summoner spell assistance. No other summoner spell can be used on jungle monsters, so it’s not worth skipping Smite. You’ll also be at risk when doing dragon or Baron since the enemy can steal it easily without Smite.

The Enemy Jungler Will Have Twice Your Farm

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Jungling without Smite means the enemy jungler can easily farm your jungle. You’ll have to go back to your base more often due to depleted HP, giving the enemy jungler the opportunity to steal your farm. Even if you try to contest, they can use their Smite to steal your farm and possibly kill you. This puts you at a disadvantage in terms of level, gold, and items.

Low Amount of XP

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Jungling without Smite means less XP. When you clear your first camp, you’ll still be level 1. With Smite, you instantly reach level 2. You can’t purchase the jungle item without Smite, which grants more XP when clearing jungle camps.

Less Optimal Ganks

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Jungling without Smite means slower clear speed, resulting in less optimal ganks. The enemy jungler can gank your allies while you’re still stuck in the jungle. Even if you gank, you’ll be behind in level and have low HP, making it easier for the enemy to kill you. Other summoner spells won’t make ganks easier. Higher-ranked players will take advantage of your slow clear speed and counter gank you.

Say Goodbye to Dragons and Baron

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Jungling without Smite means it’s difficult to secure dragons and Baron. The slower clear speed and inability to secure objectives give the enemy an advantage. The enemy jungler can use their Smite to deal more damage, making it easier for them to secure the objectives. Losing dragons and Baron puts your team at a disadvantage.

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