Warzone’s Rebirth Island return marked by exhilarating stunt at authentic Alcatraz prison

By Arjun Nair
Rebirth Island

Rebirth Island Returns to Warzone After 16 Months: Activision Celebrates with Stunning Real-Life Stunt

Warzone fans have eagerly awaited the return of Rebirth Island since its removal in November 2022. Now, after a long wait of over a year, Call of Duty fans have reason to celebrate as the iconic map makes its comeback in the season three update on April 3. To mark this occasion, Activision pulled off an impressive stunt over Alcatraz prison, the real-life inspiration behind the map.

Flying High in the Sky: Celebrating #REBIRTHDAY

Activision took the celebration to the skies by flying a plane over Alcatraz prison in San Francisco, California. The plane left a message in bold letters, spelling out “#REBIRTHDAY” for all to see. The unique marketing stunt caught the attention of Call of Duty fans in the vicinity and attracted tourists visiting the notorious prison.

Escape Impossible: Rebirth Island and Alcatraz

Alcatraz prison has gained its reputation for being nearly impossible to escape from, serving as perfect inspiration for a thrilling battle royale setting. Rebirth Island mirrors the unforgiving nature of the prison itself—there’s no escape unless you can outlast your opponents.

The Comeback of Rebirth Island

Rebirth Island was the first additional map introduced to Warzone after its launch. With its small play area and fast-paced action, Rebirth Island provided a unique and intense gameplay experience compared to the massive Verdansk map. For a while, many players exclusively focused on Rebirth Island, neglecting Verdansk. However, things changed in 2022 when the map was removed.

Recapturing the Magic of Rebirth Island

Over the years, Activision and the development teams behind Warzone have attempted to replicate the success of Rebirth Island by introducing other close-quarter maps, such as Fortune’s Keep and Ashika Island. Although these maps have their fans, none have managed to surpass the original’s appeal and popularity.

Fortunately, with the launch of season three, players will have the chance to revisit Rebirth Island once again. The anticipation among fans is palpable, and the return of this iconic map is eagerly awaited.

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