Warzone Community Worries COD Developers Won’t Recapture Original Release’s Enchantment

By Arjun Nair
Warzone Community Worries COD Developers Won't Recapture Original Release's Enchantment

Players Unhappy with Changes to Call of Duty Warzone

Change can be a good thing, but many players are not happy with the changes made to the once-beloved Call of Duty Warzone franchise. They believe that Infinity Ward should have kept the original 2020 experience instead of tinkering with it.

An Opinion on the State of CoD Warzone

A player named oftiltandsalt expressed their opinion on the current state of CoD Warzone in a recent post on Reddit. They suggest that the original experience was created “by accident” and highlight the existing issues. They propose that Infinity Ward should bring back the 2020 Warzone instead of the current version.

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