Warzone community acknowledges the strength of overlooked in-game equipment

By Arjun Nair
player holding breacher drone in mw3

Breacher Drones in Warzone: A Hidden Lethal Weapon That Deserves More Attention

Breacher Drones are often overlooked in Warzone, but one player has shown just how effective they can be. In a Reddit clip, the player shoots down a helicopter and takes out two enemies from over 100 meters away using a Breacher Drone. Since the introduction of Breacher Drones in Modern Warfare 3’s iteration of Warzone, players have typically relied on frags, semtexes, or throwing grenades as their go-to lethal equipment. However, recent nerfs to these items might change players’ perspectives.

Why Breacher Drones Stand Out

The Breacher Drone is a new lethal equipment item in Warzone that automatically flies towards the player’s aim. Once it gets within close range of an enemy, it explodes, causing a significant amount of damage. This makes it a powerful tool, as demonstrated by the player’s Reddit clip. The versatility of the Breacher Drone lies in its ability to damage not only one enemy, but also any other targets in the vicinity. This sets it apart from throwing knives and frags, which have more limited effectiveness.

Changes in the Meta

Raven Software’s Season Two Reloaded update brought about some significant changes to the game. Throwing Knife damage was decreased from 200 to 175, making it no longer possible to take down an enemy with a single chest shot. Similarly, frag damage was nerfed, with mid-damage reduced from 200 to 155 and outer damage from 175 to 110. These changes have created an opportunity for the Breacher Drone to emerge as a new favorite in Warzone’s metagame.

Advantages of the Breacher Drone

The Breacher Drone offers several advantages over other lethal equipment items. Unlike throwing knives, it can damage multiple targets simultaneously, making it useful in situations where there are multiple enemies in close proximity. Frags, on the other hand, are effective for forcing enemies out of cover but lack the range and flexibility of a flying drone. As long as the player aims in the right direction, a Breacher Drone can cover a much greater distance. It’s a tactical option that players should consider in their next multiplayer match.


While one impressive clip may not be enough to convince every Warzone player to switch to Breacher Drones, it’s certainly worth considering. With recent nerfs to other lethal equipment items, the Breacher Drone has emerged as a hidden lethal weapon that deserves more attention. Its ability to damage multiple targets and its versatility in terms of range make it a formidable choice in the battle royale’s metagame. Give it a try in your next match and see its potential in action.

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