Unexpected Buffs Elevate TAQ Evolvere to the Top of Warzone’s Arsenal

By Arjun Nair 101 Views

TAQ Evolvere: Now a Force to be Reckoned with in Warzone

The TAQ Evolvere, which was introduced in Season One Reloaded, has struggled to find its place in Warzone. However, a series of buffs have finally made this LMG a viable option.

In Season Two, Raven Software made several improvements to the TAQ Evolvere. They increased both its maximum and minimum damage, as well as added new values for near-to-mid range damage to ensure the weapon remains effective in longer-ranged gunfights. Despite these changes, the LMG’s status didn’t significantly improve. But now, in a recent minor update on Feb. 13, the devs have delivered powerful buffs that have caught the attention of every Warzone player.

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