Underrated Sniper Rifle Dominates Warzone’s Long-Range Meta

By Arjun Nair 87 Views

The Tempus Torrent: A Hidden Gem in Warzone

If you’re looking to spice up your loadout in Warzone, the Tempus Torrent might just be what you need. While it’s possible that the Season Two Reloaded update could bring some changes, in its current state, this weapon deserves more attention.

Escape the Long-range Meta

When it comes to long-range engagements in Warzone, LMGs and ARs have been ruling the battlefield. The RAM-7, MTZ-556, Bruen MK9, and Bruen MK9 have become popular choices due to their incredible speed and devastating damage. However, it may be time to break away from the pack and give the Tempus Torrent a chance.

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