Testing for Ranked Play in MW3 Starts for 5 Guns Once Barred

By Arjun Nair

Five New Weapons Introduced in Modern Warfare 3’s Ranked Play Mode

Treyarch has recently announced that five weapons previously restricted from Modern Warfare 3’s Ranked Play mode are now available as part of a Weapon Evaluation test.

For the next week, players can test out the BP50, Holger 556, and MTZ-556 assault rifles, as well as the HRM-9 and RAM-9 submachine guns in Ranked Play. The testing period will run until April 23.

Expanded Weapon Selection in Ranked Play

Among the five newly introduced weapons, the Holger 556 and MTZ-556 were originally banned from the start of Ranked Play. Additionally, the BP50, HRM-9, and RAM-9 were initially added to the game as seasonal drops and were immediately banned. However, this test aims to gather player feedback and gameplay data to determine if these weapons should be added to the competitive ruleset in the future.

Potential Impact on Pro Play

The success of previous experiments with different maps in Ranked Play has inspired Treyarch to conduct this weapon evaluation test. Feedback from players and internal data will play a crucial role in deciding whether these weapons will be included in the Call of Duty League’s competitive ruleset at a later date.

Currently, the Ranked Play meta mirrors that of the CDL, with players predominantly using the MCW assault rifle or Rival-9 SMG. However, the introduction of these new weapons could potentially disrupt the current meta, as they have the potential to be included in CDL play if the test yields positive results and receives favorable player feedback.

Exciting Prospects for Ranked Play and CDL

All five weapons possess the ability to make a significant impact in Ranked Play. The Holger 556 and MTZ-556 were previously banned by pro players under a “Gentleman’s Agreement” and were officially restricted when CDL play commenced. The introduction of these new weapons adds an exciting dynamic to both Ranked Play and CDL matches.

Players eager to try out these new weapons should take advantage of the limited time they are available in Ranked Play. The test will end in just a week, so make sure to jump in and experience the excitement while you still can.

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