Season two Reloaded patch of Warzone allegedly renders Urzikstan unplayable, claim passionate fans

By Arjun Nair
Season two Reloaded patch of Warzone allegedly renders Urzikstan unplayable, claim passionate fans

Warzone Fans Voice Frustration over Season Two Reloaded Patch

Many gamers expect that major patches and updates will enhance their gaming experience. However, fans of Warzone are convinced that the recent season two Reloaded patch has actually made the battle royale game worse. Specifically, players are reporting that the Urzikstan map is now virtually unplayable.

Big Changes with Season Two Reloaded Patch

On March 6, Warzone received the highly anticipated season two Reloaded patch. This update brought several positive changes, such as increased player count on the Vondel map and the addition of the Bunker Buster killstreak. Additionally, the update included various quality-of-life updates. However, alongside these improvements, one major issue arose on the Urzikstan map.

The Troublesome Urzikstan Map

As the largest map in the game, it’s understandable that Urzikstan requires more computing power to run smoothly. Unfortunately, for some players, the map has become completely broken. They are experiencing frequent game freezes and stutters whenever they attempt to play on Urzikstan.

Urzikstan isn’t working as intended. Image via Activision

Frustration Mounts Among Warzone Players

One Reddit user took to the official Warzone subreddit to express their frustration. They questioned whether the recent update had destroyed Urzikstan’s performance, stating, “I played ranked exclusively for a couple weeks, and came back to the big map last night to find that my game was playing like absolute trash. I thought I had packet loss the way people were skipping across my screen.”

It seems that this player is not alone in their struggles. Another Redditor shared their experience of playing “two matches on Vondel and Ashika last night that both felt like I had 10-15 FPS and stuttery.” Another player chimed in, saying, “Glad it’s not just me. I thought it was my internet. Good to know it’s only the billion-dollar corporation letting us down. Again.”

Awaiting Developer Response

As of now, there has been no official comment from the developers regarding the issues with the Urzikstan map. Sadly, it doesn’t appear that a solution is currently in the works. If you’re struggling with these problems, we recommend checking out our guide on fixing lag and FPS stuttering in Warzone.

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