New Warhammer 40K Crossover Mode in MW3 Receives High Praise from Players

By Arjun Nair
New Warhammer 40K Crossover Mode in MW3 Receives High Praise from Players

Warhammer 40K Crossover Event Adds New Excitement to MW3

The Warhammer 40K crossover event is now live in MW3, and players are thrilled with the new content. The 40K Juggermosh mode, in particular, has gained high praise from fans who consider it to be the best addition in a long time.

New Challenges and Cosmetic Items in Call of Duty’s Warhammer 40K Crossover

The March 13 patch for Call of Duty introduced the Warhammer 40K crossover, bringing special event challenges and cosmetic items for fans to unlock. However, the 40K Juggermosh playlist has stolen the show, receiving instant praise from players.

A New Limited-Time Mode: 40K Juggermosh

In this third-person limited-time mode, players become Juggernauts and wear Warhammer 40K-inspired suits. The objective is to obtain the Chainsword, a powerful melee weapon located in the center of each map. Once acquired, players can wreak havoc on the opposing team and secure victory for their squad.

A Warhammer 40K player in a blue armor suit with red eyes.
Players are loving Juggermosh. Image via Activision

The positive reception to the 40K Juggermosh mode is evident from the numerous posts by MW3 fans on the game’s subreddit. Players have praised the decision to make it third-person only, the enjoyable weapon selection, and the inclusion of visible health bars. They find the Chainsword power-up to be balanced and not too overpowered.

Players’ appreciation for the crossover event continues as they express how much fun they are having with the 40K theme. One delighted fan states that Warhammer 40K is the best addition to Call of Duty in a long time and hopes for more crossovers and unique limited-time modes in the future.

Fortunately, if you are enjoying the event, you have until March 27 to fully engage in and complete all the Warhammer 40K challenges.

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