New content for Zombies arrives in MW3 season 3: Schematics, fresh Warlord, and a third rift introduced

By Arjun Nair
New content for Zombies arrives in MW3 season 3: Schematics, fresh Warlord, and a third rift introduced

A New Wave of Content Coming to MW3 Zombies in Season Three

A new season of the latest Call of Duty release, Modern Warfare 3 (MW3), is set to launch in April, bringing with it an exciting wave of content for the Zombies mode.

A Dark Aether Story Continues

One of the main additions to CoD Zombies in this season is the continuation of the Dark Aether story. Players can look forward to a new mission, a third Dark Aether Rift, and a range of objectives and rewards. Additionally, new Schematics will be unlocked, and a new Warlord awaits.

The third Dark Aether Rift in MW3 Zombies.

Join Sergei Ravenov in the New Dark Aether Story Mission

The new Dark Aether story mission will require players to team up with Sergei Ravenov once again. This time, the mission involves locating and rescuing Dr. Jansen from a terrifying region of the Dark Aether. Completing this mission will unlock access to the third Dark Aether Rift, just as the previous mission, Countermeasures, unlocked the second Rift.

Unlocking the Third Dark Aether Rift

To unlock the third Dark Aether Rift, players will need to do more than just complete the story mission. They will also need to find and attune several relics. Once inside the Rift, players will face challenging adversaries, but will have the opportunity to earn valuable rewards if they survive.

New Highly Classified Schematics and the Rainmaker

Among the valuable rewards in season three are new highly classified Schematics. These include Dead Wire Detonators, which apply the Dead Wire ammo mod to lethal equipment and launchers, the Golden Mask Filter, a permanent self-regenerating gas mask, and the Sergeant’s Beret, which equips a merc disguise and allows players to summon a friendly Merc Bodyguard.

These new items will come in handy when facing off against the new Warlord, the Rainmaker. This formidable opponent can rain down artillery and rocket barrages, making it crucial to have a fast boat to reach his fortress on Rahaa Island.

Get Ready for Season Three Launch

All of this exciting new content will go live in MW3 Zombies when season three launches on April 3. Get ready to face new challenges, unlock new rewards, and continue the Dark Aether story in this thrilling update.

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