MW3 teases season 4 return of iconic Warzone weapon with toy car and single letter hint

By Arjun Nair

Return of the Kar98k in Call of Duty: Season 4

The anticipation for Call of Duty season four is building as sources hint the return of the famous Kar98k gun. The Kar98k, best known for its supremacy in the first Warzone, has long been a fan favorite. Recent leaks have hinted at its return, and now, with less than two weeks until the new season, Activision appears to be stoking the hype via content creators.

A Cryptic Clue Reveals Kar98k’s Return

Activision’s latest teaser is an intriguing care package addressed to influencers. The gift contained a toy automobile with the number 98 on top and the letter K buried behind a scratch-off. The message appears clear: the Kar-98 represents the Kar98k’s impending return. While hardly the most subtle hint, it effectively teases what gamers might expect from the coming season.

More Surprises Await in Season 4

In addition to the reappearance of the Kar98k, sources indicate that the SPAS-12 shotgun will make its appearance in season four. The SPAS-12, a popular secondary weapon from the original Modern Warfare 2, offered players a formidable and versatile combat option. This mix of classic weapons is intended to rekindle nostalgia among players who fondly recall the early days of Warzone.

Furthermore, data miners discovered potential crossovers with Fallout, Gundam, and The Crow for season four. While these collaborations have yet to be confirmed, they hint at fascinating new content and experiences to be discovered. These facts are subject to change until the developers make an official announcement, just like any leaked material.

Countdown to Season 4

As participants excitedly await the start of season four, it is likely to begin shortly after season three ends on May 28. With the promise of new weapons, crossovers, and nostalgic callbacks, season four of Call of Duty is building up to be an exciting and memorable chapter in the game’s continued development.

Prepare for the return of famous weapons and exciting collaborations as Call of Duty season 4 debuts on May 29. Stay tuned for more information and announcements as the release date approaches.

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