MW3 fans mock leaked Operator skin for resembling cheap ‘Transformers knockoff’ on AliExpress

By Arjun Nair 84 Views

Modern Warfare 3 Fans Disapprove of Season Two Reloaded Skin Claiming it Resembles a Transformer

Modern Warfare 3 fans are not happy with one of the skins released in season two’s Reloaded update. They are of the opinion that the Petrol version of Dokkaebi bears a striking resemblance to a Transformer toy available on AliExpress.

Skins: A Way to Express Style, Attitude, and Humor

Skins serve as a means to showcase individuality, look stylish, and even bring a smile to your friends’ faces. However, one of the leaked skins from Modern Warfare 3’s season two Reloaded update unintentionally falls into the latter category.

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