Modern Warfare 3 developers may have stealthily enhanced an underappreciated killstreak

By Arjun Nair
Swarm MW3

The Swarm Killstreak in Modern Warfare 3 May Have Received a Stealth Buff

Renowned Call of Duty YouTuber TheXclusiveAce recently made an interesting discovery regarding the Swarm killstreak in Modern Warfare 3. Through his manual testing, he found that the Swarm had been secretly buffed, transforming it from an average killstreak to a formidable force.

The Evidence: A Private Match and A Surprising Result

In a private match recorded in January and another one on March 25, TheXclusiveAce showcased his findings. In January, he ran at least 4.9 meters per second and the Swarm killstreak failed to kill him as long as he didn’t stop for too long. However, in the March 25 match, he was sprinting at a significantly faster speed of 5.9 meters per second and still got killed by the Swarm. This indicates that the Swarm may have received a buff in recent times without any official confirmation in the patch notes.

The Swarm Killstreak: A Powerhouse of Mosquito Drones

The Swarm is a classic killstreak introduced in the CoD franchise back in 2012. In games like Black Ops 2 and MW3, it is considered the highest killstreak available. Players need to achieve 15 kills to earn the Swarm. Once deployed, a swarm of mosquito drones encircles the map and attacks players who are not moving fast enough. With the potential buff, earning the most difficult killstreak in the game will feel more rewarding for players.

Considering the Swarm: A Second Chance for a Powerful Killstreak

While most players tend to opt for easier-to-acquire killstreaks like the UAV, Counter UAV, SAE, or Juggernaut Recon in MW3 season two, this stealth buff might make players reconsider using the Swarm. The Juggernaut at the 15-kill mark is undoubtedly more powerful, allowing players to wreak havoc in a supersuit with a mini-gun. However, with this buff, the Swarm becomes a formidable option that can help turn the tide of a match if used strategically.

In conclusion, this stealth buff to the Swarm killstreak in Modern Warfare 3 brings it back into the spotlight. While it may not be received every match, it offers a renewed opportunity for players to utilize this powerful killstreak and experience its potential impact on the game.

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