Developers acknowledge and resolve challenging glitch with Irradiated perk in Warzone

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Raven Software Fixes Troubling Irradiated Perk Glitch in Warzone

After players of the popular game Warzone discovered a glitch with the Irradiated perk, Raven Software quickly stepped in to address the issue and prevent any further problems.

Irradiated Perk Glitch in Warzone Fixed in Recent Update

In the March 22 update of Warzone, the developers fixed a glitch related to the Irradiated perk. Previously, this perk allowed players to equip armor plates even while taking damage, creating an unfair advantage. CoD YouTuber IceManIsaac and other community members brought attention to this glitch, exposing how players were abusing it to gain an upper hand in battles. Raven Software took action swiftly to rectify the issue.

Combining Glitch with Quick Fix for Potent Results

Some players made the situation even worse by combining the Irradiated perk glitch with the Quick Fix perk, which activates health regeneration after inserting an armor plate. This combination allowed players to have infinite armor and health, leading to frustrating encounters for opponents. This exploit is reminiscent of a similar glitch discovered in February, where players manipulated two perks to prolong their survival in the gas. After detecting the exploit, Raven Software temporarily removed Quick Fix, later reinstating it with the ability to regenerate health while outside the gas.

Devs Address the Issue Without Removing Perks

Fortunately, Raven Software was able to fix the Irradiated perk glitch without the need to completely remove either perk. However, it is evident that both perks have caused problems in the past, and it remains to be seen if similar issues will arise in the future. Alongside this fix, the March 22 update also included significant nerfs to the JAK-Outlaw 277 and the Longbow sniper rifle for controller users, balancing the gameplay experience.

Overall, the prompt response from Raven Software demonstrates their commitment to ensuring a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for Warzone players. By promptly addressing glitches and exploits, they contribute to maintaining the integrity of the game.

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