Concerns arise as MW3 players express frustration over difficult Hardpoint hill in season 3 map

By Arjun Nair
Concerns arise as MW3 players express frustration over difficult Hardpoint hill in season 3 map

6 Star map in Call of Duty League Faces Criticism for Underwater Hardpoint Hill

Despite its resemblance to one of the most iconic competitive maps in Call of Duty history, there is growing concern among Call of Duty League (CDL) fans that the 6 Star map may never be seen on the main stage. The reason behind this apprehension is a Hardpoint hill that is submerged in water, which has generated confusion and mixed reactions among players.

Design Decision Sparks Controversy

The design decision to include a Hardpoint hill in the pool has sparked a frenzied response from CDL fans. Many players do not enjoy engaging in water combat because the only viable weapon underwater is a pistol. This limitation has left players questioning the viability of including 6 Star in the competitive map rotation.

Shotzzy might finally get a chance to put his swimming skills on full display. Image via Activision

Community Reactions

One player responded to the announcement by saying, “Well, it definitely won’t be added to the map set then… sigh.” The MW3 developers included alternative areas in the map guide where players can stand to avoid water combat, such as the bar area, the center plant, or the outer edge. However, some community members still argue that forcing players to fight in the water is a mistake.

Another user expressed their disappointment, stating, “They just had to go and ruin it, didn’t they?” Despite its similarities to the highly acclaimed Raid map, which is considered one of the best competitive maps ever, some players still prefer 6 Star over Invasion Hardpoint.

However, not everyone is opposed to the inclusion of the underwater Hardpoint hill. One player claimed, “I’d rather watch underwater warfare than most points on Invasion.” The CDL and Treyarch have shown a willingness to test new maps for the rotation, as seen in the recent map trials for Departures, Vista, and the addition of Rio for Major Two. Whether the CDL will conduct a similar map trial for 6 Star remains uncertain due to the initial negative reaction to the controversial Hardpoint hill.

Upcoming Season Three

Players will soon have the opportunity to experience the new map and Hardpoint hill in multiplayer when MW3 Season Three goes live on April 3.

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