Angry Android Players Review Bomb Warzone Mobile

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The Early Verdict on Warzone Mobile: Android Players Left Disappointed

It has been a week since the release of Warzone Mobile, and Android players are expressing their disappointment by review-bombing the game on the Google Play store.

Concerns Raised by Android Players

Out of the 300,000 reviews on the Google Play Store, only half of them are five stars, while nearly the same number consists of one-star reviews. Android players have voiced frequent crashing, overheating, and major framerate problems as their primary complaints. These issues are painting a negative picture of the Call of Duty mobile offering on Android. Despite the overall positive concept and idea of the game, its performance is letting down the players.

Comparison with Apple App Store Ratings

Interestingly, the reviews on the Apple App Store show a different story. Warzone Mobile has a solid 4.4 rating there, with over three-quarters of the reviews giving five stars. However, some of the same complaints still appear in the one-star reviews.

The Challenges Faced by Android Players

The variation in Android devices may be a major reason for the problems faced by Android players. Optimizing the game for every device within the Android ecosystem is challenging, while performance tuning for iOS appears to be more consistent. In fact, some Android phones are unable to install the game due to compatibility issues with their components.

With Android players raising their concerns, it is hoped that future updates will address and fix the existing problems. Warzone Mobile has already been downloaded over 10 million times, and the community is eagerly waiting for a smooth gameplay experience.

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