Bug in Fracture map of VALORANT revealed by player

VALORANT Player Discovers New Spot for Sova Recon Bolt on Fracture

A VALORANT player has found a new spot on Fracture where Sova can use a Recon Bolt to reveal enemies pushing toward the A site. This discovery showcases the strategic potential of Sova’s abilities and how they can influence the outcome of a round.

Sova players are always on the lookout for advantageous line-up spots on new maps. Fracture is no exception. Popular VALORANT YouTuber TPAXTOP has recently revealed two glitches on Fracture that provide excellent Sova line-ups. Now, he has discovered a third spot that players can take advantage of.

The new spot is near the defender’s spawn, close to the entrance of the A site. By standing in a specific spot indicated by a triangle on the floor and turning left, players can aim at a specific spot in an air vent and fire a Recon Bolt through a narrow opening.

The Recon Bolt will go through the wall near the Satellite area, highlighting any enemies present. Defenders can use this line-up to quickly assess if the enemy team is pushing toward the A site or if there are lurking enemies. This information helps defenders prepare and make informed rotations if necessary.

It’s important to note that this line-up seems unintended and provides a significant advantage with minimal risk, as the Recon Bolt passes through physical objects. However, it remains unclear when this exploit will be patched in the game.

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