ARAM Clash Returns to LoL This Summer

ARAM Clash Returning to League of Legends Later This Year

If you’ve been craving more ARAM Clash in League of Legends since it premiered last December, you’re in luck. Riot Games has announced that the game mode will be making a comeback later this year.

Riot has provided the full schedule for Clash during the second ranked split of 2023. In addition to three Clash tournaments on Summoner’s Rift, two will be held on the Howling Abyss. The first ARAM Clash tournament of 2023 will take place from Aug. 19 to 20, with the lock-in period beginning on Aug. 14.

Another ARAM Clash event is scheduled for Dec. 9 to 10, with team roster lock-in starting on Dec. 4

The Howling Abyss makes for fast-paced, kill-heavy games of League. Image via Riot Games

Here’s the schedule for the second half of League’s 2023 season:

  • Void Cup: July 22 to 23
  • ARAM Cup 1: Aug. 19 to 20
  • Ixtal Cup: Sept. 16 to 17
  • TBD: Oct. 14 to 15
  • ARAM Cup 2: Dec. 9 to 10

ARAM Clash was introduced to League last December, following significant changes to the Howling Abyss in Patch 12.22. Despite some adjustments, the map still looks significantly different than it did 10 years ago, and this event has convinced Riot to hold annual Clash events outside of Summoner’s Rift permanently. The ARAM Clash event last year was highly praised by players and was one of the most participated-in Clash tournaments of all time.

Riot has also confirmed that quality-of-life changes to matchmaking and champion select will be implemented in ARAM Clash when the game mode returns on Aug. 19.

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