AP Twitch: The Complete Build Guide

In the current state of the game, one of the most annoying champion builds currently being abused in League of Legends is the AP Twitch build. AP Twitch can be played in almost every lane and has the potential to cripple your opponents.

AP Twitch excels in the Support role, where he can use support items to gain gold and roam to cause chaos. With his abilities that grant invisibility, attack speed, and long-range damage, AP Twitch can dominate your opponents in the laning phase and take control of the game.

Looking to make your opponents rage-quit? Follow this guide on AP Twitch Support to easily crush your competition and earn LP.

AP Twitch Background:

Twitch is one of the best ADCs in League of Legends. But recently, players have discovered that playing Twitch as AP brings more impact and fun. Although ADC Twitch is still popular in high-level play, AP Twitch has become incredibly popular, especially in lower ranks.

Interested? Keep reading for a super effective AP Twitch build.

Is AP Twitch Viable?

AP Twitch brings a lot of value to the team. His abilities have AP scaling, allowing him to deal burst damage and slow his enemies. Additionally, AP Twitch can bully the midlane and disrupt the enemy laners with his roaming potential. His kit offers poke and slows, making him valuable in teamfights.

Best Items for AP Twitch:

To maximize AP Twitch’s effectiveness, build the following items:

Nashor’s Tooth:

Nashor’s Tooth is the core item for AP Twitch. It provides bonus damage on auto-attacks, synergizing well with Twitch’s passive. This item allows you to melt your enemies and poke them down during extended standoffs.

Sorcerer’s Shoes:

AP Twitch Sorcerer’s Shoes League of Legends

Sorcerer’s Shoes provide magic penetration, allowing you to deal significant damage to enemies with magic resistance. Combined with AP Twitch’s abilities, you can slowly wear down your opponents’ HP.

Crown of the Shattered Queen:

AP Twitch Crown of the Shattered Queen League of Legends

Build Crown of the Shattered Queen as your Mythic item. This item offers escape potential, bonus AP, and mana and health for sustainability in teamfights. It synergizes well with Twitch’s kit and provides a much-needed survivability boost.

Rabadon’s Deathcap:

Rabadon’s Deathcap provides a huge boost to your ability power, increasing your damage output. This item is expensive but worth it for the insane burst damage potential it brings.

Zhonya’s Hourglass:

Zhonya’s Hourglass allows you to survive longer in fights and gives your abilities time to cooldown. Use it to save yourself from lethal assaults and secure kills with Twitch’s abilities.


Shadowflame’s unique passive allows you to ignore some magic resistance, ensuring your abilities deal significant damage even against opponents with MR. It completes your build and makes you a force to be reckoned with.

Our Verdict:

AP Twitch is an incredibly fun and versatile way to play League of Legends. It offers strong damage and disrupts the game at any phase. Have fun causing chaos with AP Twitch and let us know in the comments whether you prefer AP or AD Twitch.

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