All status ailments and their treatments in Palworld

All Status Ailments and How to Treat Them in Palworld

Status ailments play a significant role in Palworld, affecting both your pals and your own gameplay. Understanding these ailments and how to treat them is crucial for success in the game. In this article, we’ll explore all the different status ailments you may encounter and the remedies to counter them.

1. Sleep

Sleep is a common status ailment that can render both you and your pals unable to act. If your pal falls asleep during battle, they become vulnerable to incoming attacks. To wake up your sleeping pal, simply interact with them. Additionally, using an item called “Wake Up” can swiftly dispel sleep and get your pal back into the action.

2. Burn

When your pal is burned, it suffers continuous damage over time. This ailment also decreases your pal’s overall stats. To treat burn, you can interact with your pal and choose the option “Treat.” This will restore your pal’s health and remove the burn status.

3. Paralysis

Paralysis is a debilitating ailment that immobilizes your pal, making it unable to move or act. To overcome this condition, use the “Treat” option on your paralyzed pal, and it will regain its mobility.

4. Poison

Poison slowly chips away your pal’s health over time. To prevent your pal from succumbing to poison, interact with it and select the “Treat” option. This will stop the poison damage and restore your pal’s health.


In Palworld, understanding and effectively treating status ailments are vital for your success. By paying attention to your pals’ well-being and utilizing the appropriate remedies, you can ensure that they remain in peak condition during battles and other challenges. So, keep an eye on status ailments and always be prepared to treat them promptly for optimal gameplay performance.

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