A Guide to Jungling in League of Legends Season 13

Jungle is the most influential role in League of Legends. Junglers can be everywhere, while other roles are limited to their lanes. This gives good junglers the power to carry games on their own.

If you want to climb the ranks in Season 13, I’ve got you covered. I’ll break down the steps I took to reach Master tier. Following these steps will improve your gameplay and give you a chance to surpass me if you put in the effort.

All the New Changes in Season 13

Season 13 has brought several changes to the jungle. Riot introduced jungle pets and other features to make the role more beginner-friendly.

Jungle Pets

Jungle pets have replaced starting items. They start as eggs and evolve twice before hatching.

The first evolution happens after collecting 20 treats, equivalent to killing 20 camps. This evolution increases smite damage from 600 to 900.

The second evolution occurs after collecting 20 more treats, increasing smite damage from 900 to 1200.

There are three jungle pets to choose from: Gustwalker Hatchling, Mosstomper Seedling, and Scorchclaw Pup. Each has its own unique abilities.

Chemtech Drake

The Chemtech Drake has made a comeback in Season 13. It provides players with a permanent increase in tenacity, health, shielding, damage, and damage resistance.

The Chemtech map has also been updated with new features like Blast Cones, Honey Fruits, and Stalker’s Bloom.

Leashing Range Update

Riot updated the map in season 13 introducing camps and added large HP indicators on jungle monsters. This makes it easier for new players to pick up the role but reduces some skill expression.

Scuttle Timer

The scuttle now spawns at 3:30 instead of 3:15, changing the early game dynamics in the jungle.

Clearing the Jungle Efficiently

Efficiently clearing the jungle is crucial for optimizing your gameplay. It gives you more time to make plays like ganks and invades.

Watch YouTube videos of jungle clears and practice them before each gaming session. This will help improve your gameplay and serve as a warm-up.

Looking for Gank Opportunities

Ganking is a crucial part of the jungle role. To find good gank opportunities, consider which lanes you want to get ahead and which lanes are most gankable.

Look for lanes with ally CC as they are easier to gank. Pay attention to lanes you are pathing towards while clearing camps to find good gank opportunities.

Find Win Conditions

Identifying win conditions is essential for winning games. Win conditions are in-game objectives that need to be met to secure victory.

Win conditions will vary from game to game, depending on champions, players, and objectives. Tailor your gameplay to fulfill win conditions for each game.

Learn How Laners Think

Understanding how laners think will help you make informed decisions and influence the game more effectively.

Pay attention to waves and understand laners’ intentions based on wave management. This will help you adjust your play and find gank opportunities.

Find a Good Champion

Decide whether you want to one-trick a champion or play meta champions. One-tricking provides consistency and mastery, while playing meta champions offers versatility.

Consider starting with one champion to master, then gradually add more picks for better versatility in your gameplay.


Jungle in Season 13 has become more beginner-friendly, but the fundamental skills remain crucial. Focus on clearing efficiently, finding gank opportunities, identifying win conditions, understanding laners, and mastering a champion.

These steps have helped me reach Master, and they will help you climb the ranks too. Stay patient, practice, and enjoy the journey. Good luck!

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