A Guide on Playing Pearl in VALORANT

Pearl: A New VALORANT Map Guide

Pearl is the latest map in VALORANT, taking place underwater within a geo-dome. With its simplistic design and lack of gimmicks, Pearl offers a refreshing and straightforward experience for players to master.

By understanding each area of the map, you can become a valuable asset to your team. Here is a breakdown of the different sites on Pearl, along with callouts to help improve communication with your team.

Pearl Overview

Pearl A Site

The A site is a tight area that often leads to close-quarters battles. Defenders can access the site through A Secret, A Flowers, and A Link, while Attackers can use A Main and A Art. It’s crucial for defenders to prevent the planting of the Spike, but focusing on holding the areas leading to the A site can be even more effective.

At the start of the game, defenders should push into A Main and A Link to maintain control of the map and prevent attackers from dictating the round’s pace. Holding these areas can halt an attack while allowing teammates on the B site to rotate.

While long-range weapons can still be used on the A site, do not expect wide-open spaces like on the B site.

Pearl B Site

The B site on Pearl introduces a vertical element not found in other areas of the map. Defenders must cover the site from various entrances, with B Main and B Link being the most common routes used.

B Main offers one of the longest sightlines on the map, providing opportunities for players on both sides to eliminate enemies. However, traversing this area is risky due to limited cover. Attackers often rely on utility or skilled duelists to secure kills and clear their path.

B Link leads to Mid Plaza, the central point of the map that connects to both sites. Taking control of Mid Plaza and B Link is challenging since defenders can halt the push in multiple places. However, a quick rush through Mid Doors can be a viable option, but defenders on B should always have someone covering B Link.

B Tower, located on the second level directly above the site, offers defenders a commanding view of the area. Attackers must push through the site to reach this area, making it an ideal spot for defending the Spike in a post-plant situation. B Hall, a short hallway on the edge of the B site, should always be cleared by attackers to avoid surprises from lurking enemies. Both B Hall and B Tower serve as excellent spots for covering the Spike, so be sure to plant it in a visible location.


Mastering the Pearl map in VALORANT can greatly benefit your team. By understanding the different sites and callouts, you can communicate effectively and increase your chances of success

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