7 Champions with Strong Sustain in League of Legends Jungling

League of Legends: 7 Best Junglers with High Sustain

Welcome, League of Legends players! Today, we will be sharing valuable tips to improve your gameplay by focusing on jungle champions with high sustain. Junglers play a critical role in the game and can greatly impact its outcome. It is crucial for them to pay attention to objectives like Dragon or Baron Nashor and prevent the enemy team from securing them.

League of Legends, a popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, has been gaining popularity since its launch in 2009. It has evolved into a global esports phenomenon, with players competing for cash prizes and fame. The game has also expanded beyond the virtual world, with adaptations in the form of a Netflix animated series called Arcane, toys, and spin-off games like Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, and Wild Rift.

Not every player can effectively fulfill the jungle role as it requires careful decision-making and map awareness. Junglers must constantly be on the lookout for potential threats, including enemy junglers and invading champions. Additionally, they need to strategically use abilities like Smite to secure objective kills, especially Dragon or Baron Nashor. On top of all that, junglers must also assist struggling teammates on different lanes by ganking them.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the 7 best junglers with high sustain in League of Legends.

What is Sustain in League of Legends?

Sustain refers to a champion’s ability to sustain or stay alive for longer periods in their lane or jungle. Different champions achieve sustain through healing, shielding, or unique abilities. Champions with low sustain often have to recall to base frequently to replenish their health.

7. Irelia

While Irelia is not a commonly seen jungler, she excels in the role. Her passive grants her high attack speed and bonus attack damage when she reaches its maximum stacks. This gives her an advantage over other junglers with weaker ability kits, allowing her to clear jungle monsters with ease.

6. Nocturne

Nocturne is often overlooked but is a fantastic choice for the jungle role. His passive provides him with sustain through healing when he damages enemy champions. With his attack speed, Nocturne can swiftly clear the jungle while maintaining a healthy HP pool. He is also skilled at ganking other lanes, making him a valuable asset to his team.

5. Nunu

Nunu’s kit makes him an ideal jungler. His Q ability allows him to heal while dealing with jungle monsters like Dragon or Baron Nashor. Nunu can quickly clear the jungle without needing to return to base frequently. This gives him ample time to support his teammates and gank different lanes.

4. Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao is the epitome of a jungler with high sustain. His passive heals him every third attack, making him nearly unbeatable in prolonged fights. Combined with increased damage, Xin Zhao dominates enemy champions and jungle monsters alike. He is also a relatively easy champion to learn, making him suitable for players new to the jungle role.

3. Warwick

Warwick possesses excellent healing abilities, making him a top-tier choice for the jungle. When Warwick’s HP drops below 50%, he gains bonus damage that simultaneously heals him. This allows him to sustain through fights and reliably secure kills. Warwick’s kit also includes crowd control and high mobility, making him a formidable force on the battlefield.

2. Evelynn

Evelynn differs from the other champions on this list as she attains high sustain at level 6. Nonetheless, Evelynn exercises caution when clearing the jungle to minimize the risk of early deaths. Once she reaches level 6, her invisibility grants her HP regeneration, making her a deadly assassin. She can surprise and eliminate enemy champions from unexpected angles, contributing to successful ganks.

1. Kayn

Kayn secures the top spot as the best jungler with high sustain. His Omnivamp boost allows him to heal by killing jungle monsters. Additionally, his Q ability deals bonus damage and provides healing, allowing him to clear the jungle quickly while maintaining his HP pool. Kayn’s simple ability kit makes him accessible for players of all skill levels.


These 7 jungle champions with high sustain offer unique gameplay experiences. Each champion expresses high sustain through different abilities, and all of them are formidable choices for the jungle role. Whether you choose Irelia, Nocturne, Nunu, Xin Zhao, Warwick, Evelynn, or Kayn, you can make a significant impact on the game. Feel free to suggest other junglers with high sustain in the comments section. Good luck on the battlefield!

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