7 Best ADCs for Lethality in League of Legends

ADC champions rely on attack speed, critical strike, and high attack damage. However, some champions can benefit from lethality bonuses. Lethality works well against squishy champions who don’t stack armor, which is common in the bot lane where you’ll face support and ADC champions. In this article, we’ll list seven ADC champions who can build lethality items and benefit from them.

7. Draven

Draven benefits greatly from lethality items due to his high damage output with his Q. Building lethality on Draven increases his damage exponentially.

How To Play Lethality Draven?

Max your Q first to maximize damage output in the early game. Use your Q to poke enemies and back away using Blood Rush. Lethality items make Draven strong in 1v1 situations, especially in the early game.

Best Lethality Item: Youmuu’s Ghostblade

Youmuu’s Ghostblade is a great first item for Draven as it boosts movement speed and helps him chase enemies better.

6. Jhin

Lethality items synergize well with Jhin’s long-range pokes and ultimate. His high attack damage also works well with lethality as it ignores a flat amount of enemy armor.

How To Play Lethality Jhin?

Maximize your damage output by building lethality items, especially in the early game. Use your Q and empowered 4th shot to secure kills. Position yourself strategically in team fights to maximize Q damage.

Best Lethality Items: Duskblade of Drakthar, The Collector

Duskblade of Drakthar improves Jhin’s positioning and lets him turn invisible after kills. The Collector executes enemies when their HP falls below 5%.

5. Caitlyn

Caitlyn can deal significant damage with her Q, especially when built with lethality items. Her playstyle doesn’t change much, but her ultimate becomes even stronger with lethality and Dark Harvest as her rune.

How To Play Lethality Caitlyn?

Play safe and avoid 1v1 fights with ADC champions who have high attack speed. Use your Q for poke and place traps strategically.

Best Lethality Items: Duskblade, Serpent’s Fang

Duskblade adds more damage to Caitlyn’s attacks and allows her to reposition during team fights. Serpent’s Fang increases damage against enemies’ shields.

4. Vayne


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