35 breathtaking locations in Genshin Impact to immerse yourself in the scenery

The Most Beautiful Locations in Genshin Impact to Enjoy the Scenery

Genshin Impact, the stunning open-world action RPG developed by miHoYo, is known for its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant visuals. With so many picturesque locations to explore, we’ve compiled a list of the 35 prettiest spots in the game to immerse yourself in the virtual beauty.

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a casual player, these locations are a must-visit for anyone who appreciates awe-inspiring scenery. So grab your virtual camera and let’s dive into the enchanting world of Genshin Impact.

1. Mondstadt’s Anemo Archon Statue:
Located in the city of Mondstadt, this towering statue dedicated to the Anemo Archon, Barbatos, showcases the grandeur and divine power of the wind element.

2. Starlit Cape:
Situated at the edge of Mondstadt, Starlit Cape offers a serene coastal view, complete with a lighthouse casting its warm glow on the rocky shore.

3. Thousand Winds Temple:
Nestled high in the mountains, Thousand Winds Temple grants a bird’s-eye view of Mondstadt, where you can witness the vast expanse of the city below.

4. Stormterror’s Lair:
A hidden cavern southwest of Mondstadt, Stormterror’s Lair boasts magnificent waterfalls and towering cliffs amidst a serene lake.

5. Springvale:
A charming village surrounded by lush meadows and blooming flowers, Springvale is a peaceful sanctuary where you can rest and take in the serene countryside.

6. Dawn Winery:
Known for its sprawling vineyards and welcoming atmosphere, the Dawn Winery invites you to experience the beauty of nature while enjoying a glass of Mondstadt’s finest wine.

7. Liyue Harbor:
As one of the largest cities in Liyue, Liyue Harbor is a bustling metropolis that blends traditional architecture with modern marvels, offering a stunning view of the city’s skyline.

8. Stone Forest:
Venture into Liyue’s Stone Forest, an otherworldly landscape dotted with massive stone formations that resemble towering trees, creating an ethereal atmosphere.

9. Wangshu Inn:
Perched on a mountainside, Wangshu Inn provides a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape, including soaring peaks and cascading waterfalls.

10. Jueyun Karst:
A hidden paradise tucked away in Liyue’s mountains, Jueyun Karst boasts surreal rock formations, glowing crystals, and mystical creatures.

11. Mt. Aozang:
Known for its vibrant colors during sunset, Mt. Aozang offers a picturesque backdrop of golden hues and rolling hills.

12. Qiongji Estuary:
Located in the southeastern part of Liyue, Qiongji Estuary features a serene beach with dazzling turquoise waters, perfect for a tranquil escapade.

13. Nantianmen:
A gateway to the sky, Nantianmen is a celestial staircase situated high in the mountains, granting a breathtaking view of Liyue below.

14. Bishui Plain:
Covered in lush greenery and crystal clear lakes, the Bishui Plain presents a picturesque landscape that paints a vivid picture of serenity and tranquility.

15. Golden House:
Nestled in the heart of Liyue, Golden House is a lavish palace adorned with golden accents and intricate designs, representing the prosperity and grandeur of the region.

16. Mingyun Village:
A hidden gem in Liyue, Mingyun Village offers a serene and mystical atmosphere with its colorful autumn foliage and quaint houses.

17. Musoujin Gorge:
This magnificent gorge features towering cliffs and rushing waters, providing a thrilling spectacle that will surely leave you in awe.

18. Guili Plains:
A vast grassland dotted with ancient ruins and petrified trees, Guili Plains offers an intriguing blend of natural beauty and historical remnants.

19. Qingce Village:
Qingce Village, nestled in the midst of misty bamboo groves, showcases traditional architecture and a surreal ambiance, transporting visitors to a bygone era.

20. Dadaupa Gorge:
As a serene valley adorned with colorful flowers and winding pathways, Dadaupa Gorge is an ideal spot for a leisurely stroll and a moment of tranquility.

21. Yaoguang Shoal:
Situated in the northeastern part of Liyue, Yaoguang Shoal unveils a majestic sight of rock formations amidst the crashing waves, creating a captivating seascape.

22. Sal Terrae:
Venture into Liyue’s underground and behold the beauty of Sal Terrae, a vast cavern adorned with glowing stones that illuminate the darkness.

23. Cuijue Slope:
An autumn wonderland surrounded by rolling hills and maple trees, Cuijue Slope dazzles with its vibrant colors and breathtaking vistas.

24. Guili Assembly:
Overlooking Guili Plains, this mystical and tranquil location boasts mesmerizing views and a calming ambiance, making it a must-visit spot for nature enthusiasts.

25. Dragonspine Mountain:
Embark on a thrilling adventure to Dragonspine Mountain, where a frozen landscape and perilous slopes blend to create a visually stunning and challenging environment.

26. Dunyu Ruin:
Amidst the vast Dihua Marsh, Dunyu Ruin stands as an awe-inspiring testament to ancient civilization, featuring captivating architecture and secrets waiting to be discovered.

27. Thorn of Jademist:
An eerie and mysterious forest enveloped in thick mist, the Thorn of Jademist captivates with its haunting beauty and hidden wonders.

28. Serpent’s Head:
As the head of the ancient god Adeptus, this colossal statue serves as a testament to the region’s rich history and divine legends.

29. Stormbearer Point:
Situated atop a cliff overlooking Mondstadt, Stormbearer Point offers a breathtaking view of the cityscape below, with the wind in your hair and the vast sky above.

30. Starsnatch Cliff:
Journey to Starsnatch Cliff, a secluded spot where lush greenery intertwines with cascading waterfalls, creating a peaceful retreat away from the chaos of the world.

31. Guyun Stone Forest:
Witness the mesmerizing beauty of Guyun Stone Forest, a location adorned with towering stone pillars and tranquil waters, offering a serene respite from the world.

32. Balcony of the World:
Nestled high above Liyue Harbor, the Balcony of the World rewards adventurers with a panoramic view of Liyue’s bustling cityscape, stretching as far as the eye can see.

33. Araumi:
A hidden lagoon concealed within Inazuma’s territory, Araumi showcases a stunning blend of crystal-clear waters, lush greenery, and majestic cliffs, painting a truly awe-inspiring landscape.

34. Talloh Naeg Shrine:
One of the many ancient shrines scattered across the land, Talloh Naeg Shrine provides a tranquil retreat amidst an enchanting forest, inviting visitors to find solace in its peaceful atmosphere.

35. Grand Narukami Shrine:
Adorned with intricate designs and vibrant colors, the Grand Narukami Shrine stands as a sacred place of worship in Inazuma, showcasing the region’s unique architecture and divine heritage.

As you embark on your journey through the mesmerizing world of Genshin Impact, take the time to explore these breathtaking locations and immerse yourself in the sheer beauty each one has to offer. Don’t forget to capture these moments with your virtual camera and share them with your fellow adventurers. Happy exploring!

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