NOVOVISION brings improved business to the Casinò di Venezia with its casino management solution

By Saloni Sehmi
NOVOVISION™ casino management solution enhances business at the Casinò di Venezia

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The Impact of NOVOVISION on Casino Operations

Since its implementation, the NOVOVISION casino management system has greatly improved the daily operations of Casinò di Venezia. Guests now experience faster access processes, while the operator benefits from enhanced data security and business intelligence functionalities.

In 2020, NOVOMATIC introduced the sophisticated NOVOVISION casino management system at both locations of Casinò di Venezia – Ca’ Vendramin Calergi and Ca’ Noghera. This implementation included the transfer of over 600 video slots and comprehensive performance data to NOVOVISION, along with various customized functionalities. The system covers core operations such as slots management, player management, accounting and reporting, and also includes modules for access, jackpots, promotions, and business intelligence. Additionally, NOVOVISION helps attract more visitors to the casino through special events and exciting jackpot highlights.

One standout feature is the biometrically supported access solution, which has eliminated long queues during peak hours. Guests can now register their fingerprint data and use fast-lane access terminals for quick entry into the casino. This biometric feature also provides VIP benefits like free parking and promotional offerings.

NOVOVISION collects in-depth data across the entire operation, meeting reporting requirements, accounting needs, and supporting business intelligence applications through Tableau. This allows the management of Casinò di Venezia to make informed decisions and rely on real-time data for floor control and machine information. The system also ensures 24/7 technical support, security monitoring, and customization options for future needs.

General Manager of Casinò di Venezia, Dr. Alessandro Cattarossi, praises the implementation of NOVOVISION: “This powerful casino management solution has streamlined our processes, enhanced the customer experience, and provided us with valuable data for strategic planning and future investments. With NOVOVISION, we feel secure, informed, and ahead of the curve.”

Martin Lypka, the project manager at NOVOMATIC, expresses gratitude for the trust and strong partnership with Casinò di Venezia, which has improved internal processes and the overall gaming experience for guests.

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