Dota 2

Quincy Crew’s Quinn Achieves 11,000 MMR

Quinn Joins Dota 2’s 11,000 MMR Club After Arteezy’s Call Out Arteezy’s recent call out of Quinn in his own 11,000 MMR post has motivated the Quincy Crew midlaner to new heights. In less than one day after the Evil Geniuses star, Quinn has joined …

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Gabbi from TNC Predator Achieves 11,000 MMR

Gabbi Reaches 11,000 MMR Milestone in Dota 2 TNC Predator’s carry player Gabbi accomplished a remarkable feat last night, with a hot nine-game win streak that brought his MMR count to 11,000 in Dota 2. In his final game of the night on Anti-Mage, Gabbi …

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Arteezy Achieves 11,000 MMR

Arteezy Hits 11,000 MMR Milestone in Dota 2 Arteezy, the carry player for Evil Geniuses, has reached the impressive milestone of 11,000 MMR in Dota 2. Known as North America’s premier MMR grinder, Arteezy achieved this feat today. The Canadian star accomplished this milestone by …

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