A Comprehensive Guide to Pepe Twitch Emotes: Complete List of Pepe Emotes

Pepe the Frog is a famous meme originating from a comic series called Boy’s Club by Matt Furie. The creator of Pepe, Matt Furie, has received positive reviews from Amazon users for the book.

Pepe the Frog is primarily used in 4chan and has been associated with some alt-right groups. However, it is important to note that Pepe is mostly used in a meme sense and not in a hateful manner.

The Pepe meme has also made its way to Twitch, where various types of Pepes have been turned into Twitch emotes. These Pepe emotes are commonly used in Twitch streams, especially in xQc streams, and remain popular today. Each Pepe emote on a Twitch stream has a different meaning and context.

If you’re looking for information on how to use Pepe emotes on Twitch, we have the answer for you.


Pepe the Frog’s MonkaS emote portrays true anxiety with a sweat-drenched forehead and bulging, sweaty eyes. It is widely used during tense situations, particularly close matches. MonkaS is a combination of the expression and the uploader’s name.

The emote was uploaded by a Twitch user named MonkaSenpai and is generally understood to mean MonkaScared.


MonkaW is a variation of MonkaS that represents an escalation of tension. The zoomed-in character indicates a more intense situation. MonkaS is used for tied scores at the end of a game, while MonkaW is used for game-winning shots.


MonkaGIGA is used to represent something so outlandish or unexpected that it causes genuine fear. It is similar to MonkaS and MonkaW but conveys a higher level of unpredictability and terror.

For example, if the game-winning shot causes the ball to bounce all over the arena, getting closer and knocking down players each time, you would use MonkaGIGA.


MonkaHmm has two main meanings. It can depict a thinking pose, as if the viewer is considering something the streamer did or said. It can also convey suspicion, especially in mystery games or games like Among Us.


Pepelaugh is a popular Pepe emote that represents something hilariously funny. The wide-mouthed grin and teary, squinting eyes convey intense laughter. This emote is often used to mock a streamer for making an easily avoidable mistake.


Pepehands is a sad version of Pepe, as he holds his hands out in front of him while in tears. This emote is used to express disappointment or sadness when something was within reach but slipped away. For example, when a streamer makes a dumb decision in a game or narrowly misses a shot.


POGGERS is a well-known emote that demonstrates surprise and excitement. It is similar to the PogChamp emote, but with Pepe the Frog. POGGERS can be used to express a wide range of emotions, both positive and negative.


COGGERS is a silly and humorous Pepe emote that shows a cog instead of the usual Pepe face. It can be used interchangeably with POGGERS and does not carry a more serious meaning.


FeelsBadMan is a popular Pepe emote that is often used in 4chan green texts. It represents a situation that doesn’t feel good, such as losing a game or watching a streamer struggle. FeelsBadMan is used to express any situation that makes you feel bad.


FeelsGoodMan is the opposite of FeelsBadMan. It represents a situation that feels good, such as winning a game or hearing that your favorite streamer will be streaming more often. It can also be used to express joy over something exceeding expectations.


FeelsOkayMan is used in situations that are slightly happy or acceptable. It shows approval or happiness without going overboard.

This emote is more commonly used than FeelGoodMan. Viewers would use it if a streamer achieves third place in a game or extends their streaming hours for the day.


FeelsBirthdayMan is specific to birthday situations. It is used to show approval and support for a streamer or chat member’s birthday.


Widepeepohappy portrays Pepe the Frog as more childlike and genuinely happy. The image is a compressed and distorted version of a happy Pepe. It can be used to express genuine happiness or mock someone for being happy about something trivial.


Copium represents the streamer’s use of a fictional drug called Copium to cope with a loss or failure. It indicates that the streamer is making up things to feel better about their situation. Viewers might also use this emote to mock the streamer’s coping mechanism.


Pepepains is used to express cringe or secondhand embarrassment. It signifies a situation that is so uncomfortable or awkward that it pains the viewer to witness it. This emote is not as popular as others due to its lower quality.


MonkaSTEER shows bad driving, a bumpy road, or off-roading situations. It is commonly used in Grand Theft Auto or racing game streams. It can be used as an insult or to mock the streamer. However, it can also be used as a warning to the streamer to get out of a dangerous situation.


PeepoClap is used to express genuine amusement in a situation. The childlike Pepe with an open mouth grin indicates pure joy. However, viewers may also use this emote to mock a streamer for repeatedly dying or making entertaining mistakes.


EZ is the coolest version of Pepe. It is used to show how cool and impressive a streamer looks while doing something. It is often used after a streamer’s triumph or to indicate that the user has surpassed everyone else in skill or achievement.


FeelsWeirdMan is used to express disagreement with someone based on moral or societal norms. It is employed when a streamer does something generally unacceptable or questionable on stream, making the viewer question their sanity.


PeepoClown is used to depict the streamer as acting like a clown. It signifies that the streamer is doing something silly, dumb, or entertainingly foolish.


MonkaCHRIST is used to show genuine fear or discomfort. The crossed arms indicate an attempt to keep away demons or monsters. It can also express fear or disagreement with a streamer’s opinions that differ greatly from the viewer’s own.


MonkaGun is another emote used to signify fear or anxiety. It indicates that the viewer is anxious or wants to distance themselves from the situation portrayed on the screen. The emote represents the viewer’s immersion in the streamer’s actions.


PepoG is used when the viewer doesn’t understand something the streamer is saying. It implies that the viewer is rereading the transcript or a document to confirm whether the streamer’s statement is correct or out of place.


PepoThink is typically used in a mocking manner. It indicates that the streamer either didn’t think carefully about their actions or made a foolish decision despite thinking it through.


FeelsStrongMan represents true happiness and relief after overcoming a difficult situation. The viewer supported the streamer so much that they felt the same sense of relief and celebration.


PepeJam is used when the viewer is rocking to the stream’s music. It signifies enjoyment and participation. However, viewers can also use this emote mockingly, especially when a player character’s death involves screaming.


PepePls depicts Pepe looking sad while dancing side to side with swinging arms. It is used to express a mixture of joy and sadness. The viewer has accepted the situation and is trying to have a good time despite feeling down.


PepoDance represents a lighthearted and carefree dance. It signifies genuine enjoyment without the need for a technically impressive dance emote. Although Pepe’s dance may not appear the best, the streamer and viewer are still having a good time.


PeepoLeave indicates strong disagreement with the streamer to the point of leaving. It signifies disassociation with the streamer’s statement or being so taken aback that leaving the room or disengaging from the stream is necessary.


Hypers is a term used to describe being hyper and participating enthusiastically in the chat. It signifies being excited and wanting to join in the wave of happiness.


PeepoArrive is typically used after PeepoLeave. It indicates that the viewer has returned and is happy that the previous statement or action was a joke. It shows that the viewer appreciates the humor and is now engaged again.


If a streamer’s chat has many PeepoRiot emotes, it often signifies a negative situation. It shows solidarity with a group, whether it’s against the streamer or in support of an evil action within a game, like blowing up Megaton in Fallout 3.

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