Ziggs emerges as a permanent force in the bot lane

Ziggs, the Controversial ADC Substitute

ADC mains may not be happy about it, but Ziggs, the bot lane terror, is currently in a healthy state according to Riot.

Ziggs is known for being difficult to deal with. With his passive ability that grants bonus damage on his next auto attack and his Q ability, a thrown bouncing bomb, he can deal insane damage. In addition, his Satchel ability can instantly destroy a low-health turret.

Champions in Unexpected Roles

Sometimes champions are used in roles that they were not intended for. This is not just limited to Bronze trolls who pick Nunu mid, but it happens in all skill levels as well as professional matches.

Ziggs is a recent example of this phenomenon. In a post on Nexus, League of Legends’ editorial website, Riot addressed the issue. Despite Ziggs being difficult to beat in lane due to his high burst damage, Riot believes that he is in a healthy state. They argue that there are clear counter-picks and counter strategies against him. Therefore, a nerf is unlikely to happen soon enough to remove him from the bot lane.

Miss Fortune support is another popular pick in the bot lane. This became a trend after the 2016 World Championship when ROX Tiger’s support, Kang ‘GorillA’ Beom-hyeon, performed well with it. Miss Fortune support counters Zyra, who is currently dominant in the support meta.

League of Legends has seen champions filling roles they weren’t intended for. Examples include Twitch in the jungle, Karma in mid, Brand as a support, and Ekko in top lane. While some of these picks may be annoying, they are not considered issues as long as gameplay remains healthy.

Addressing Unhealthy Gameplay

However, there are instances where gameplay becomes unhealthy. Ekko top is one such example. Although Ekko was designed as an assassin, he was being used as a tank because his AP scaling was reduced. Riot recognized this and made changes in patch 6.22 in November to restore his intended playstyle.

Riot’s ability to identify and address unhealthy gameplay helps prevent issues like tank Ekko top from becoming prevalent. Despite the controversy, having champions like Ziggs fill in for an ADC adds more depth to the game.

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