Zai and ppd form a formidable new team

The Departure of zai and ppd from Evil Geniuses

Two notable players, Ludwig “zai” Wåhlberg and Peter “ppd” Dager, have left Evil Geniuses after the International 7 roster shuffle.

Zai had a successful run with the team in the first half of 2017, but their disappointing top 12 finish at TI7 prompted him to seek opportunities elsewhere.

Ppd had expressed his desire to return to playing fulltime before zai’s departure. And now, both players have officially left Evil Geniuses.

The New Team: zai’s Twitter Revelation

Zai took to Twitter to share the news of his new team. Joining him and ppd for the upcoming Dota season are Per Anders Olsson “Pajkatt” Lille, Quinn “CC&C” Callahan, and Rasmus “MiSeRy” Filipsen.

A Promising Roster

The new team’s roster boasts impressive talent and experience with zai and ppd leading the lineup. Pajkatt, formerly of LGD International, is known for playing alongside MiSeRy. MiSeRy himself recently achieved first place at ESL One Genting with Digital Chaos.

CC&C, an up-and-coming talent in the NA scene, previously played for Team Freedom. His strong performance with a skill rating of over 8,600 MMR makes him one to watch in future tournaments.

Zai will transition from the support role to the offlane in his new team. With his exceptional skills, expect his Dark Seer and Enigma picks to shine in the upcoming season—if his opponents don’t ban them first.

This is ppd’s return as an active player since WanteD disbanded earlier this year. Known for his leadership and drafting abilities, fans are excited to see him back in action. Maybe we’ll even witness his Treant Protector plays again soon.

Looking Ahead

The new team is yet to be named, but with the potential for synergy among its members, there are high hopes for their performance in the future.

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