X (formerly Twitter) no longer a traffic source for mobile applications

Introducing X: The Advertising Platform for Mobile App Marketers

WakeApp is back with its “Source of the Month” – an educational guide for mobile app marketers. App stores are currently filled with millions of applications, so how can an app stand out among the competition? In this month’s guide, we’re highlighting the popular advertising platform for media buyers and app marketers – X!

X, formerly known as Twitter, is an American microblogging service and social network. With over 368 million monthly active users, X continues to grow in popularity. The platform is predominantly used by males aged between 25 and 34, and about 80% of its users access X from smartphones. X is most popular in the United States, Japan, and India.

Why Marketers Should Use X

Unlike other social networks, X has fewer ads, which means users are more likely to notice and engage with them. Additionally, X users are consumers who are eager to participate in discussions, download applications, and interact through gaming formats.

X introduced advertising in 2010 and has since expanded its offerings. Marketers can now install promotional applications directly from the X news feed and reach users on mobile devices through the MoPub mobile traffic exchange system.

How to Use X Advertising

To start advertising on X, marketers need to set goals for their campaigns, such as reach, video views, app installs, and more. They can then customize audience targeting based on demographics, device data, custom audiences, and interests. Keyword targeting is also available to include or exclude users based on their search queries.

X advertising comes in three formats: Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and Promoted Trends. Promoted Tweets look like regular posts but are marked as advertising, while Promoted Accounts are used to direct traffic to brand accounts. Promoted Trends appear in the trend list at the top of the page.

Why Choose X at WakeApp

At WakeApp, we utilize X as one of our many traffic sources for promoting applications. X is popular among a young, financially capable audience aged 25-34, making it an ideal platform for brands with paid applications. Additionally, promoting on X is cost-effective, allowing marketers with limited budgets to promote their brands.

Stay tuned for our monthly guides where we discuss promotion features and GEO trends in various regions. We aim to keep our readers updated on the latest tips, restrictions, and bans in the mobile app marketing industry.

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