What’s Up With Echo Fox? A Glimpse into the New NA LCS Roster

Echo Fox Makes Big Changes to Its Roster

Last week, Echo Fox surprised fans of the NA LCS by dropping three of its starting players. The team has been known for its stable roster throughout the season, which is why this sudden shake-up is so unexpected. The addition of new players from the Academy squad and a trade with C9 shows that Echo Fox is determined to reinvent itself.

Will this be the solution the team needs, or will it only add to the chaos? It’s hard to say, especially considering Echo Fox’s reputation for being volatile. Let’s take a closer look at the players involved to get a better understanding.

The Problem with Echo Fox’s Playstyle

Unlike other NA LCS teams, Echo Fox has always had a strong identity. They prioritize playing around their solo lanes to create space for their star jungler, Dardoch. However, this predictability has become a double-edged sword. Opponents know how Echo Fox will react, especially with their top laner, Huni, who is known for playing aggressively. This puts a lot of pressure on Huni to balance his aggression with map awareness.

Meanwhile, the bot lane is often left to fend for itself while the rest of the team makes plays elsewhere. Echo Fox’s best games come from individual talents shining in skirmishes and picking off opponents. But in their worst moments, they make reckless plays and lack cohesion in teamfights.

Tanner Damonte Steps In

To address these issues, Echo Fox decided to substitute Tanner Damonte, a mid laner from the Academy team, for FeniX. Damonte has been on the fringe of the LCS for some time and has played a few games with Echo Fox in the past. With FeniX struggling in the current meta, it made sense to give Damonte a chance.

So far, this change has proven to be effective. Damonte has had some good games, even though the team has struggled as a whole. However, we still need to see what unique qualities Damonte brings to the team and how well he can work with Dardoch to control mid vision.

The Challenge with the Bot Lane

The bot lane is where things get even more uncertain. Andy “Smoothie” Ta, who was an MVP candidate with C9 last split, brings leadership to Echo Fox. His style of recalling and roaming to other lanes aligns with the team’s strategy of getting Huni ahead. However, he was able to roam with C9 because Sneaky, his former lane partner, was excellent at playing defensively.

Now, Smoothie is teamed up with rookie Lawrence “Lost” Hui, whose performance has been lackluster so far this split. It’s unclear whether Lost can hold his own in lane and allow Smoothie to roam. Furthermore, Echo Fox’s late-game struggles mirror those of C9, and it remains to be seen if Smoothie can guide the team to success in the later stages of the game.

The Future of Echo Fox

The decision to make these roster changes is confusing given that Echo Fox was tied for first place in the standings last week. While it’s unlikely that the team will maintain this winning record in the coming weeks, they are clearly looking for a fresh start. This move allows Echo Fox to experiment with younger players and redefine its approach.

Change was necessary for Echo Fox, even if the timing seems questionable. Only time will tell if these changes will lead to the team’s success or downfall.

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