What League of Legends truly requires: Ryze’s new cinematic delivers it flawlessly

Riot Releases Stunning Cinematic for League of Legends Champion Ryze

Riot has just released the first fully-fledged cinematic for League of Legends champion Ryze since the “As We Fall” music video for Varus last fall. This new animation delves into Ryze’s identity as the protector and guardian of the World Runes.

Simply put, this video is fantastic. It brings a new level of identity to a champion who has undergone numerous redesigns, making him somewhat of a stigma and meme within the League community. For the first time in a long time, playing Ryze will feel incredibly exciting, as fans will now understand the immense power and significance of his abilities, as well as the tragic events that have shaped his life.

Yesterday, Riot also released several pieces of lore surrounding Ryze, further supporting the release of this cinematic. These included champion bios for Brand and Ryze, a short story, and an impressive comic. All of these pieces provided insight into Ryze’s quest for the World Runes and the potential disaster that could occur if they were to fall into the wrong hands.

In today’s cinematic, we witness Ryze battling alongside other champions, including Sona, Nasus, and Miss Fortune, in an effort to defend the World Runes. Even Vel’Koz makes an appearance, although he is clearly not on Ryze’s side.

This cinematic and the lore released yesterday are exactly what League of Legends needs more of. In addition to improving the new player experience and implementing an accomplishment-based reward system, the inclusion of more frequent and exciting stories can truly ignite players’ excitement to try out specific champions. Furthermore, it adds depth to Riot’s intellectual property.

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