What is the optimal order to conquer Palworld Towers?

What is the Best Order to Complete Palworld Towers?

  • Palworld TowersPalworld is an enchanting new game that combines elements of both Pokémon and Stardew Valley. In this game, players are tasked with building and maintaining their own farm while also venturing out into the wild to catch and tame Pal creatures.
  • One of the major objectives in Palworld is completing the towers, which are special locations that offer various rewards and bonuses. However, it can be quite daunting to decide on the best order to tackle these towers.

Efficient Order for Tower Completion:

  1. Forest Tower: The first tower to prioritize is the Forest Tower. It serves as a great starting point due to its reasonable difficulty level and the chance to recruit valuable starter Pals.
  2. Grassland Tower: Once you have successfully conquered the Forest Tower, make your way to the Grassland Tower. This tower presents a slightly higher difficulty but offers higher-level Pals and additional resources.
  3. Desert Tower: The next tower on your list should be the Desert Tower. While its difficulty may pose a challenge, the rewards are worth it. Defeating tough Pals here will grant you access to more powerful Pals and rare items.
  4. Frozen Tower: After securing the Desert Tower, it’s time to face the Frozen Tower. This tower requires a higher skill level, but conquering it grants you access to elite Pals and unique items that can greatly enhance your progression in the game.
  5. Volcano Tower: The final tower to conquer is the Volcano Tower. It is the most challenging tower in Palworld but offers the best rewards. Defeating the high-level Pals found here will grant you top-tier Pals and exclusive items.


  • Deciding on the order to complete the towers in Palworld can greatly impact your progression and success in the game. By following the recommended order of Forest Tower, Grassland Tower, Desert Tower, Frozen Tower, and finally, Volcano Tower, you can efficiently level up your Pals and obtain valuable resources and unique items.
  • Remember, each tower presents its own set of challenges, so be sure to train and strategize accordingly. Good luck on your Palworld adventure!
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