What is Everfrost and which champions excel with it in League of Legends season 11?

Everfrost: The Best Mythic Item for Mid Lane Champions in League of Legends

Everfrost is a powerful Mythic item in League of Legends that is perfect for mid lane champions. It allows you to unleash a flurry of ice, dealing damage and slowing enemies caught in its path. Despite its great stats and effects, Everfrost wasn’t a popular choice until recently.

Recent buffs in Patch 11.4 have made Everfrost even better, increasing its gold efficiency and shaping the meta for the future. One of the main reasons why this item is now easier to build is its adjusted build path. Riot has reduced the total gold cost to combine the items from 1,250 gold to 450 gold and a Kindlegem. This change makes it much more manageable for players who find themselves with limited gold during the laning phase due to aggressive plays or ganks. Now, they can invest a lower amount of gold into a Ruby Crystal or upgrade it to Kindlegem before finishing Everfrost with just 450 gold.

Here’s a breakdown of the stats Everfrost provides: 80 ability power, 250 health, 600 mana, and 20 ability haste. Its active effect deals 125 (+35-percent AP) magic damage in a cone and slows enemies hit by 65 percent for 1.5 seconds. Enemies in the center of the cone are rooted for the same duration. Additionally, Everfrost has a Mythic passive that grants you 15 ability power for each Legendary item you acquire. This makes it an excellent item to rush early on, as it provides extra ability power with each subsequent item you build.

Ornn can upgrade Everfrost, granting you an additional 20 ability power, 100 health, 200 mana, and five ability haste. With a full six-item build (excluding boots), Everfrost can give you an extra 75 ability power. When combined with Deathcap, this item can provide a total of 101 ability power.

The buffs to Everfrost have had a significant impact on the mid lane meta. Champions like Ahri, LeBlanc, Sylas, Veigar, and Kassadin will see more play in both solo queue and competitive games. This item provides them with great stats and a powerful effect that deals 160 base damage once completed. For champions who rely on bursting down enemies, this extra damage can make a significant difference.

The low cooldown on the slow or root effect allows assassins to land their combos more easily. Champions like Ahri or LeBlanc can now hit their charm or chain more reliably and follow up with a lot of damage. Other items didn’t offer this possibility. In the later stages of the game, Everfrost’s damage and slow effect become a significant challenge for enemies to deal with.

If you’re facing champions who build Everfrost, it’s important to know how to counter them. First, avoid picking immobile champions into opponents who are likely to build Everfrost, such as Sylas, Ahri, LeBlanc, Veigar, and others who have benefitted from its buffs. Immobile champions will struggle against those who can slow or root them and then burst them down.

If you find yourself being punished by opponents with Everfrost, consider acquiring early resistance or tenacity to reduce damage or crowd-control duration. Verdant Barrier is an excellent early-game item to rush, providing 25 ability power and 25 magic resistance. This can be further increased to 40 after 30 minion kills. It’s a highly efficient item, making you nearly unstoppable against those attempting to burst you down.

When it comes to boots, Mercury’s Treads are a solid option that provide mobility, magic resist, and crowd control reduction. They can be acquired by both AD and AP champions, making them a versatile early-game rush item for increased movement and tankiness.

In conclusion, Everfrost is now one of the best Mythic items for mid lane champions in League of Legends. Its recent buffs have shaken up the meta, making champions like Ahri, LeBlanc, Sylas, Veigar, and Kassadin more viable. Understanding how to counter champions building Everfrost is crucial to navigate the mid lane successfully.

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