What defines a Clown Fiesta in League of Legends?

Many players in League of Legends prefer to be serious when playing ranked matches. But what if everyone started having fun and created a funny clown fiesta? If you don’t know what a clown fiesta is, this article will explain and show you the best clown fiesta moments in Esports League of Legends.

Clown fiesta moments can happen in tournaments or even in your everyday queues. Some players troll ranked games or try out unconventional builds. You might also encounter smurfs who make the game more challenging.

So, what exactly is a clown fiesta in League of Legends? Casters use the term to describe two types of matches. The first type is when both teams aren’t playing seriously, often towards the end of a split or tournament. The second type is when both teams play seriously, but neither team can gain an advantage. These matches are characterized by high kill counts, long game times, and lead changes.

Let’s take a look at some of the best clown fiesta moments in Esports. One memorable moment was the match between G2 Esports and Fnatic in the 2019 LEC Spring. G2, known for trolling games, made desperate attempts to come back against Fnatic. In the end, Fnatic won in a restless base race.

Another notable moment was the match between Complexity and Curse in the 2014 LCS. The game was mostly stagnant for the first 50 minutes until both teams started making teamfight mistakes. Despite numerous chances, neither team could end the game until ADC Robert “ROBERTxLEE” took the Nexus down himself.

In the 2019 Worlds Group Stage, there was an exciting match between Royal Never Give Up and T1. These two powerhouse teams threw the game back and forth until T1 made a decisive push and finished the match.

The 2020 LCS playoffs also had its share of clown fiesta moments. The match between 100 Thieves and TSM went to a brutal five games. In the fifth game, TSM barely crawled out of a teamfight before destroying 100 Thieves’ base. It was a close call that could have gone either way.

In the end, the clown fiesta in League of Legends can be both hilarious and frustrating. It’s entertaining to watch pro teams make silly mistakes, but it can also result in lousy gameplay. Let us know in the comments which clown fiesta moment was your favorite and share your own experiences with clown fiestas.

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