Wagamama and Vanskor Join 4 Clovers and Lepricon

A European Dota 2 team called 4 Clover and Lepricon is going through major roster changes before The International tournament. Artur “Goblak” Kostenko and Kai “H4nn1” Hanbückers have been replaced by Ivan “Vanskor” Skorokhod and Niklas “Wagamama” Högström, respectively. This change allows Högström, a talented broadcaster, to continue his ascent in the professional scene and gives Skorokhod a more stable home after moving to Natus Vincere’s reserve position.

Högström has had a patchwork career, with casting gigs and brief partnerships with lesser-known teams. He was part of QPAD Red Pandas in 2013 before becoming an analyst. He has occasionally hinted at a return to professional play while featuring on DreamLeague broadcasts.

Skorokhod, on the other hand, has had a rough road after his successful stint with Team Empire. He then had an unsuccessful time with Natus Vincere before taking a break for his health in April. Joining 4 Clover and Lepricon gives him an opportunity to continue honing his skills while focusing on recovering from his health issues.

4 Clover and Lepricon’s roster changes are likely aimed at preparing for the International qualifiers, although they still lack a sponsor. As the reshuffling of teams continues, many are hoping to find temporary sponsors to support their qualifier runs.

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