December 16, 2023 Announced as VTuber Awards Date

Please Welcome the VTuber Awards: A Celebration of Virtual Creators

The VTuber Awards is the first major award show dedicated exclusively to virtual creators and their contributions to streaming culture. This exciting event, hosted by Filian in collaboration with Mythic Talent and produced by WePlay Studios, aims to celebrate VTubers from all over the world, regardless of their audience size, language, or genre.

The Rise of VTubing

Ever since the emergence of the first virtual content creators, the VTubing phenomenon has been steadily growing. Today, VTubers make up 1.4% of the active live gaming community on YouTube and 0.3% of the Twitch community, according to Gamesight.

Awards Dedicated to VTubing Culture

Popular independent VTuber Filian, along with Mythic Talent, is thrilled to establish the VTuber Awards. This award show is devoted to celebrating VTubing culture and community on a global scale. The VTuber Awards aim to shine a spotlight on the accomplishments of virtual creators in a friendly and collaborative atmosphere.

Inclusive and Equal Opportunities

The VTuber Awards welcome nominations from all VTubers, regardless of their language, audience size, genre, or gender. This award is dedicated to providing equal chances and conditions for every creator. The winner will be chosen through an open vote on the official website.

Categories for VTuber Awards 2023

The pilot gala evening of the VTuber Awards is scheduled for December 16, 2023. This event will determine the winners in more than 20 categories, including Best Music VTuber, Best Art VTuber, Best FPS VTuber, and VTuber of the Year, among others.

Excitement for the VTuber Awards

Filian, the host of the VTuber Awards, shared their excitement, stating, “VTubers are amazing! And often not a focus in other award shows. But this one is for us, for VTubers and VTuber fans alike! I can’t wait to see who wins!”

Important Dates

The VTuber Awards 2023 includes several significant dates:
– November 6, 2023: Start of open voting for award winners in each category
– November 20, 2023: End of open voting for nomination winners
– December 16, 2023: VTuber Awards ceremony night

Stay Updated

To stay updated with the latest news about the VTuber Awards, follow the official VTuber Awards accounts on social media platforms like X (Twitter), TikTok, and Instagram. You can also check out Filian’s Twitch and YouTube channels for more information.


The VTuber Awards is set to be a monumental milestone in VTuber history, with Filian as the forefront, WePlay Studios as the award-winning studio bringing the vision to life, and the incredible support of sponsors and partners. Don’t miss out on this exciting celebration of virtual creators!

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