Vitality dominates ROCCAT, securing a flawless weekend in the EU LCS

Vitality Dominates ROCCAT, Earns 2-0 Week

Vitality entered week six of the EU LCS Summer Split aiming to break their losing streak and climb up the rankings. With a recent slump, they needed victories to catch up with top teams Misfits, G2, and Fnatic.

Yesterday, Vitality gained momentum with the help of their new jungler, Mateusz “Kikis” Szkudlarek, securing a win against GIANTS Gaming. Today, they faced ROCCAT, another playoff-contending team, in what was expected to be a tough match.

Vitality opted for an intriguing draft, focusing on splitpush Kled and lacking damage. With star mid laner Daniele “Jiizuke” di Mauro on Galio, their game plan centered around cohesive gameplay in the side lanes.

And that’s exactly what they delivered. Vitality took control of all lanes from the start, allowing Kikis to invade his counterpart, Jonas “Memento” Elmarghichi, who is known to be one of ROCCAT’s strongest players. By keeping tabs on Nocturne, Vitality continued to apply pressure.

Despite ROCCAT’s resistance, they struggled to push Vitality out of the lanes or jungle. A decisive bot lane fight further tilted the game in Vitality’s favor.

When Vitality is proactive, they perform at their best, and they continued to pressure ROCCAT throughout the match. ROCCAT was unable to counter Vitality’s aggression and conceded major objectives across the map. By the time they attempted desperate plays, Vitality had already built an insurmountable lead.

With this win, Vitality secured a perfect 2-0 week and surpassed ROCCAT in the EU LCS standings. Next week, they face a tough challenge against Fnatic, while ROCCAT aims to bounce back against FC Schalke 04.

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