Vitality dominates G2 Esports in the first week of 2020 LEC Summer Split

Vitality Upsets G2 Esports in LEC Spring Split

Vitality pulled off an impressive upset against the reigning LEC Spring Split champions, G2 Esports. The League of Legends team dominated the game, capitalizing on G2’s aggressive plays and securing objectives across the map. Cabochard’s exceptional performance on Sion earned him the Player of the Game award.

The early game was evenly matched, with Vitality prepared for G2’s roaming playstyle. When G2 attempted to dive Vitality’s bottom lane, they backed off strategically, minimizing their losses. Taking advantage of G2’s focus on the bottom lane, Vitality swapped their bottom lane to the top and secured the early gold from tower plates by taking the Herald. They maintained their lead by claiming all the Dragons, ultimately reaching the powerful Ocean Dragon Soul, which boasts a professional win rate of over sixty percent.

G2 made several attempts to regain control of the game, but Vitality proved to be the superior team today. They showcased better shot calling, mechanical skills, and overall gameplay. This victory served as a true test for Vitality, who struggled in the Spring Split. On the other hand, G2 needs to analyze their playstyle and adapt to the current meta, especially after the recent lane swap of Perkz and Caps into the bottom lane and mid lane, respectively.

During the offseason, Vitality underwent significant roster changes, replacing their jungler, mid laner, and support from the previous season. These changes were prompted by the team’s disappointing 10th place finish in the LEC Spring Split.

With this win, Vitality solidifies their third-place position after the first week of the LEC and establishes themselves as strong contenders for the playoffs.

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