Visa complications prevent Clutch Gamers and CDEC from attending the Summit 7

Visa Issues Prevent Two Dota 2 Teams from Attending the Seventh Edition of the Summit

Two teams, Clutch Gamers from the Philippines and China’s CDEC, will be unable to attend the seventh edition of the Dota 2 Summit in Los Angeles. Despite multiple attempts to acquire visas, both teams were unsuccessful.

LGD, who placed second in the tournament’s Chinese qualifiers, will be replacing CDEC in the tournament.

Clutch Gamers made two unsuccessful attempts at securing P-1 athlete visas for their players. They reached out to the tournament organizers based in the U.S., urging them to provide additional paperwork to assist players from the Philippines during the visa process.

Visa issues have long been a challenge in Dota 2’s competitive circuit, as many teams are based in countries like China, Russia, and the Philippines, making it difficult for them to secure visas for the U.S.

Furthermore, with the proposed travel ban by U.S. president Donald Trump earlier this year, concerns were raised about established Dota 2 players being denied entrance into the U.S. Valve CEO Gabe Newell shared these concerns.

The seventh edition of the Dota 2 Summit will take place from June 14 to 18. Clutch Gamers’ spot is unlikely to be filled by a Southeast Asian team.

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