Virtus Pro, popular contenders, falter at The International 8 tournament

Virtus Pro Places Sixth at The International 8

Virtus Pro, one of the top contenders for the grand finals of The International 8, finished in sixth place after losing to Evil Geniuses in the lower bracket of the tournament.

On the final day of The International 8, Virtus Pro started with a victory over OpTic Gaming in a 2-1 series. However, they were unable to secure a win against Evil Geniuses.

The first game was dominated by Syed Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan, who quickly took control of his lane with his signature hero, Storm Spirit. The second game was more competitive, but Evil Geniuses maintained constant control after the 15-minute mark, ultimately eliminating Virtus Pro from the tournament.

This early exit from the Dota 2 world championship is a disappointment for Virtus Pro, especially after their successful Dota 2 Pro Circuit season. As one of the strongest teams in the circuit, with four Valve Major wins, they were considered favorites in the tournament. Their loss to Evil Geniuses highlights how quickly a team’s fortunes can change at The International. Despite a solid performance in the group stage, a single slip-up in the upper bracket jeopardized their tournament life.

Virtus Pro’s defeat also has significant implications for the CIS region, as it means there will be no CIS team competing for the Aegis of Champions in 2018, ending their best chance at claiming the title in years.

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