Virtus Pro parts ways with its ‘classic’ team

Virtus Pro Dissolves “Classic” Dota Roster

CIS Dota organization, Virtus Pro, has made the decision to dissolve its “classic” roster, leaving only a partial team behind. The team’s lack of improvement has been cited as the reason for the roster change, according to a statement from Global Team Manager Sergey Pisotsky.

Disappointing Week for Virtus Pro Fans

It has been a disappointing week for Virtus Pro fans, as the organization has experienced multiple roster changes. Just three days prior to this announcement, off-laner Andrew “Mag” Chipenko left the team. However, the departure of mid-laner Alexander “DkPhobos” Kucheria is even more impactful, as he played a key role in leading the team to victory on numerous occasions. Kucheria has since joined CIS rival Natus Vincere.

Uncertain Future for Dismissed Players

The future of the five dismissed players and the remaining three-fifths of the squad remains uncertain. With Chinese and European teams quickly solidifying their rosters, Virtus Pro will need to act swiftly if they hope to return to The International in August.

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