Virtus Pro clinches trophy at The Summit 7 with adaptable drafts

Virtus Pro’s Diversity Pays Off at The Summit 7

Virtus Pro, the predominantly Russian roster in Dota 2, showcased their skill and diversity at The Summit 7. After their disappointing performance at the Epicenter LAN finals, the team aimed to make a statement at one of the last LAN events before The International 7.

A Wide Array of Hero Picks

Virtus Pro had been criticized by the Russian-speaking Dota 2 community for their narrow hero picks. However, at The Summit 7, the team picked a wide array of heroes to showcase their versatility. Throughout the tournament, Virtus Pro played a total of 81 out of the 113 available heroes, demonstrating their skill and adaptability in the game.

A Challenging Journey to Victory

Although Virtus Pro faced challenges on their path to victory, they fought their way through the lower bracket after being pushed down by LGD in the semifinals. They defeated Digital Chaos, NP, and LGD before reaching the grand finals against Team Secret.

A Decisive Final Encounter

In the grand finals, Virtus Pro and Team Secret battled it out in a series that spanned five games. While Team Secret initially took the lead, Virtus Pro responded by winning two consecutive games. Team Secret managed to steal the fourth game, leading to a fifth and final confrontation. In a surprising move, Virtus Pro’s Ilya “lil” Ilyuk picked an old-school-style Sven support, which, along with Alexei “Solo” Berezin’s Warlock, effectively countered Team Secret’s ganking efforts. After 42 minutes, Virtus Pro emerged as the champions of The Summit 7.

With their tournament victory and an invitation to The International 7, Virtus Pro’s weekend in Los Angeles was undoubtedly a success.

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