Virtus and LGD Dominate to Begin The Chongqing Major Playoffs

Evil Geniuses Falls Short Against Top-Ranked Virtus Pro

Evil Geniuses hoped to continue the streak of upsets in the early playoffs, but Virtus Pro proved to be a tough opponent for them.

During the group matches of The Chongqing Major, EG took an aggressive approach, focusing on building an early lead rather than farming resources. While this strategy worked well enough to get them into the Upper Bracket, Virtus Pro proved to be a different challenge in the playoffs.

In game one, EG adopted an offensive draft and aimed to strike early. However, Virtus Pro patiently built their resources and eventually retaliated with a perfect counter. After the 20-minute mark, the match quickly spiraled out of control for EG, resulting in a 1-0 lead for Virtus Pro.

Credit to EG for sticking to their strengths and bringing another offensive lineup in game two. They adjusted their strategy slightly, allowing resources to build up, and managed to have map control. However, Virtus Pro proved too strong and secured a comeback victory. With a 2-0 win, Virtus Pro advanced while EG moved to the Lower Bracket.

LGD Gaming Dominates Vici Gaming

The last match of the day featured a series between LGD Gaming and Vici Gaming, and it started off poorly for the underdogs. Unlike EG, Vici struggled with their strategy, resulting in a muddled draft and ineffective gameplay. LGD quickly dominated game one, securing a victory in just 20 minutes.

Vici looked better in game two, but it was too little, too late as LGD had already established a strong lead. Despite Vici’s efforts to secure team wipes and map control, LGD remained composed and ultimately emerged victorious.

With Virtus Pro and LGD Gaming advancing, the next series will kick off the Lower Bracket, with Alliance facing Chaos Esports Club on Jan. 21 at 8pm CT.

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