VGJ Thunder dominate Evil Geniuses at Galaxy Battles II to secure their inaugural premier championship

Chinese Dota 2 Team VGJ Thunder Wins Galaxy Battles II: Emerging Worlds

Chinese Dota 2 fans have a reason to celebrate as VGJ Thunder, a Chinese team, emerges as the champions of Galaxy Battles II: Emerging Worlds, marking the region’s second premier title this year.

Liu “Sylar” Jiajun led the charge for VGJ Thunder as they swept favorite team Evil Geniuses in the grand finals of the $500,000 event. Their excellent drafting and impeccable team coordination were key to their victory.

In the best-of-three series, VGJ Thunder was sent to the lower bracket by EG the day before. However, they bounced back by defeating CIS hopefuls Team Spirit, securing their spot in the grand finals. In the finals, they dominated EG in all three games, denying them any chance of a comeback.

VGJ Thunder’s chemistry as a team was evident in the grand finals. They consistently saved each other from certain death with quick reactions and coordinated use of Force Staff. Their ability to make the push when needed was crucial in turning the tides of ganks and teamfights.

Despite EG’s tri-core strategy, VGJ Thunder displayed superior teamfighting skills, effectively countering their opponents with smart positioning and shotcalling.

VGJ Thunder was not initially seen as a major threat in the tournament, especially after several teams dropped out. However, they remained unfazed and entered the event with utmost confidence.

While VGJ Thunder won’t receive Pro Circuit points for this victory, their up-and-coming players such as Pan “Fade” Yi and Fan “Ayo” Tianyou are undoubtedly proud of their achievement, along with the $200,000 prize money.

EG will now focus on ESL One Genting as a potential redemption tournament. However, the overall strength of their rivals in the event may present an even greater challenge than what they faced at Galaxy Battles.

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