Varus, the Arrow of Retribution in League, to receive VFX update in PBE Patch 11.24.

Riot Games Working on Visual Effects Update for Varus in League of Legends

Riot Games is currently developing a visual effects (VFX) update for Varus, specifically for his Arrow of Retribution in League of Legends. According to Riot Sirhaian, a senior VFX artist at Riot, this update will be available on the game’s PBE for Patch 11.24.

Improving Gameplay Clarity for Varus

Similar to other champions like Syndra, Zilean, and Malzahar, Riot has made changes to all of Varus’ skins with the aim of enhancing gameplay clarity. The VFX update will make Varus’ abilities more visually clear, allowing players to have a better understanding of how to play against him. While all of Varus’ skins will receive some changes, the most significant updates will be applied to his base skin.

Notable Changes to Varus’ Abilities

One notable change in the VFX update is the improved visibility of Varus’ arrows, particularly when it comes to dodging damage from his Piercing Arrow (Q). Additionally, his ultimate ability, Chain of Corruption (R), will undergo a major visual update. The outline of the ability will now be highlighted by a purple circle, making it easier for players to identify which champions are within its range. This will greatly assist in avoiding the immobilizing tendrils of corruption.

Focus on Piercing Arrow and Chain of Corruption

Riot Sirhaian clarified that these updates are part of the team’s effort to spruce up some of the game’s oldest champions and are not a priority compared to champion reworks. He mentioned that Varus’ most recent skins received minimal tweaks, if any. The VFX updates primarily target Varus’ Piercing Arrow and Chain of Corruption.

Since this VFX update is a “dev passion project,” those interested can find a video showcasing all of Varus’ affected skins on Sirhaian’s YouTube channel.

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